Standing up for trees

With various pests and such killing off the city’s pin oaks, ashes, and pear trees, Lexington’s trees need all the help they can get.

After a year of planning, reports Karen Angelucci, a non-profit called the Lexington Tree Foundation got started with a Sunday afternoon meeting at McConnell Springs. The goal, she says, it to increase the city’s tree canopy “through education and example.”

“The mission of the Lexington Tree Foundation is to provide community-wide education for all ages regarding the benefits of trees and their care. LTF believes that trees are an important community resource to be preserved, protected, maintained, and replaced for future generations. LTF promotes compliance with recognized standards of arboricultural practices.”

The 25 founders are:

Karen Angelucci
Sue Beard
Sharon Ben David
Ann Bowe
Scott Clark
Kathleen Esser
Tom Fielder
Scott Gleeson
Charlie Gorton
Linda Gorton
Jim Gray
John Hartman
Sara Hesley
Cora Hurt
Yvette Hurt
Andrea James
Michael Johnathon
Dave Leonard
John Michler
Dorotha Oatts
Cindy Rullman
Russ Turpin
Frank Whitehouse
Mary Witt
Judy Worth