Coal is bad, wind and solar inadequate. Whatever will we do?

Faces of Coal, an industry group, is always looking for ways to boost coal. Sometimes, that means pointing out that the alternative energy sources touted by environmentalists have problems.
This week, the group sent out a release about “a new report” commissioned by state government that says wind and solar energy are not viable in Kentucky. Turns out that “new” means June.
Here’s the report: Look under the 2009 Site Bank Report.

Meanwhile, from the other side, there’s a new book called Coal Country (Sierra Club Books, $25.95 paper, $40 cloth). It’s edited by Shirley Steward Burns, Mari-Lynn Evans and Silas House, with contributions from Wendell Berry and a host of the usual suspects.
It follows the documentary Coal Country, and Coal Country, the music CD. Coming next, Coal Country, the ash tray.