New Web site focuses on changing Appalachia

The Mountain Association for Community Economic Development and Kentuckians For The Commonwealth have come together for a project called The Appalachian Transition Initiative. MACED’s Justin Maxson says the goal is “to promote an active, action-oriented, public conversation about the necessary transition to a new economy in Central Appalachia.”

A new Web site to go along with the project is

More from Maxson:

Our two organizations – a community development corporation and a grassroots social justice organization – exemplify the broad, diverse, and growing body of groups, individuals, and community leaders who agree it is time to transition. We are operating from a widely shared desire for and vision of a more just, healthy, and sustainable economy.

We believe the old extraction-based economy has produced poor results and offers a very limited future. We recognize global economic trends that may be threats to the old economy, but offer opportunities for transitioning to a new economy. And we see new initiatives with the potential to create new jobs and new strategies.

We know that transitioning to a new economy in Central Appalachia will not be easy or quick. In fact it will be hard as old habits, false assumptions, and powerful interests work to protect the status quo. And we don’t pretend to have all the answers. But we believe with a clear vision and a steady approach, together we can move to a new economy that sustains the people and the land of Central Appalachia.

The new website is a full and growing repository of information about our region, strategies for moving forward, organizations and individuals working on these issues, essays and more. The site features a blog that will have regular posts about relevant news and events. We expect to add information and perspective to the site regularly. We hope you’ll use the site and we’d be happy to hear suggestions as we continue to build the site.

The Web site was quietly launched last week Maxson says it will have much more content in the coming months.