Town Branch story on Kentucky Educational Television

This just in — from Van Meter Pettit:

At long last we have our documentary complete and ready to air on KET! We are excited to have come this far. We look forward to sharing it with the community. Please check the schedule below and set your recorders, or if you are like me and don’t know how to do that, well, just watch it.

We do have DVD’s for sale if you are interested.

We are also pleased to announce that our partners Bluegrass PRIDE will be using the video and curriculum in classrooms across the region.

Please spread the word.

Thanks all,

Van Meter Pettit

KET scheduling text below:

Town Branch: Lexington’s Historic Watershed

A look at the origins, history, and future of the historic waterway that runs under Lexington, including a local initiative to educate the public about stream health and create a greenway trail for pedestrians and bicyclists.

TV Schedule
Upcoming Airdates:

KETKY: Saturday, July 3 at 9:30 am EDT
KETKY: Monday, July 5 at 5:00 am EDT
KETKY: Monday, July 5 at 4:00 pm EDT
KETKY: Wednesday, July 7 at 8:00 pm EDT
KETKY: Friday, July 9 at 5:00 pm EDT
KETKY: Saturday, July 10 at 9:30 am EDT
KETKY: Sunday, July 11 at 4:31 pm EDT
KETKY: Saturday, July 17 at 1:00 pm EDT
KET2: Friday, July 30 at 10:30 pm EDT
KET: Saturday, July 31 at 4:30 am EDT
KETKY: Thursday, August 5 at 5:00 pm EDT
KETKY: Saturday, August 7 at 9:30 am EDT
KETKY: Monday, August 9 at 6:30 pm EDT
KETKY: Sunday, August 22 at 4:00 am EDT