Local recipes from local cooks

Bumper stickers advocate Buy Local, farmer’s market vendors proudly state where their farms are and businesses are starting to showcase local wares. And slowly, people are starting to think about where stuff comes from and what it took to get here.

Simply put, the idea is to get people to buy things they need from local vendors and businesses, whose profits stay here, who employ local workers and in an ideal world, produce only local goods.

There are different degrees of local. Buying food from a local farmer is about as local as it gets. Eating at an independent, locally owned restaurant vs. a chain with corporate offices elsewhere fits the “local” mold, but it doesn’t mean the food served is locally grown. It might, but there are no guarantees.

The only way to guarantee food is local, is  to 1) ask where it was grown and decline to buy it if it isn’t, or 2) grow it yourself.

This Sunday, Sustainable Berea, will holds its 4th annual 100-mile potluck dinner to showcase the best of local recipes from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the Berea Community School gym.

This isn’t a foodie version of the World’s Longest Yard Sale on U.S. 27 that happens every August. It’s a potluck of recipes from local food (gathered from within 100 miles) and cooked by local folks. That’s you.

For details, contact: Sustainable Berea at 859-985-1689 or visit the site.
— Linda J.