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The story of a dog, a dead rabbit and a plastic bag

We did a little science experiment in our yard, unexpectedly, thanks to the laws of nature and survival of the fittest a while back that we came across last week.

A little background:

About a year ago, our aging dog managed to kill a rabbit and eat about half of it before my husband called her off it.

He brought her in the house, where she promptly threw up, right in front of the fridge and my daughter.

As she stood over the steaming pile of blood, bone and guts exclaiming “eeeww” repeatedly, my husband swore, then cleaned up the mess and buried the remains (including the part the dog didn’t eat that was still in the back yard) in a plastic grocery bag behind our shed. He marked the spot so we would know where it was.

Fast-forward a year.

While digging a new compost area last week, he dug up the bag that had contained the remains of the rabbit. Guess what?

The rabbit was gone, completely decomposed and turned to dust.

And the bag?

Completely intact. And I mean completely intact. It had decayed not one little bit.

So please, ponder that the next time you’re in the grocery store or anywhere else they are likely to give you a plastic bag. That bag, which took chemicals to create, will be around for a very, very long time.

— Linda J.


We’ll test for radon in our house, will you?

All but a small portion of western Kentucky are in the highest two levels of elevated radon, an odorless invisible naturally occurring gas.

While the EPA suggests every householder test for radon, it is more imperative in the highest two levels. Click this link to see map where Kentucky is.

My mother-in-law, the best person in the world, got us a radon tester for Christmas after she saw news stories about deaths in Kentucky due to radon.

We’re installing it this week and I will let you know what we find, if we have something to fix and how it’s fixed.

What a great Christmas present, don’t you think?

Here’s a blog item from the EPA on radon. It’s worth a minute of your time to read.

— Linda J.